There's no doubt that food plays an extremely important part in a great dining experience. However, you shouldn't overlook the other factors that contribute to how much someone enjoys their meal at a restaurant.

For example, if the restaurant is playing music but it is too loud then diners won't be able to talk to one another. But if you have a large space and there's nothing to cut through the quiet, then your guests might feel too awkward to converse and be left with just the sounds of clanking cutlery.

Similarly, if the interior design of your restaurant misses the mark, it can leave a bitter taste in a customer’s mouth, even if they savoured every bite of their food. To help ensure how your restaurant looks is as good as how your dishes taste, we've put together some restaurant interior design ideas that are sure to give you plenty of inspiration. 

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Mid-century modern

Mid-century style is truly in favour at the moment, with the mixture of clean lines and geometric shapes combined for interior spaces that are stylish yet functional. The movement, which spanned from around 1933 to 1965, is characterised by futuristic yet simple furniture, pops of colour, sleek curves, clever angles and honest materials.

There are plenty of ways to draw these aspects of the era into restaurant decoration ideas. For example, understated teak or oak tables with tapered legs, matched with chairs that use earthy tones on the seats and backs. Or sputnik-style pendant lights paired with atomic coat stands at the doorway. If you don't mind rummaging around vintage stores, you can even adorn the walls with original prints and pictures.


If you are looking for a style that reflects a farm-to-table ethos, then farmhouse interior design elements might just fit the bill. Farmhouse interior design prioritises practicality and simplicity but is still full of rustic charm.

Adopt a neutral colour palette that ties your food to its natural beginnings and make use of reclaimed wood, corrugated metal, and materials such as slate. Light fixtures don’t need to be overly ornate but should use warm light. Decorate the restaurant space with pitchers, planters, and vases.


Just like Doug McMaster of SILO, London, weaving sustainability into your restaurant’s interior design is not only a great way to ensure your values run through your whole business but also a fantastic way to add new textures, shapes and ideas into the physical space.

Reusing and recycling are at the heart of this interior style. You could use second-hand tables for instance, rather than buying new ones, even if they don't match. Or use fabric roll ends to create your napkins, curtains, and cushions. You can also look for items that have been made from eco-friendly materials, such as coconut shell bowls or a bar made from scaffold boards.

It’s easy to continue this into the finishing touches of your restaurant too. For example, you can use cork trays to present customer bills and use leather aprons made from sustainable leather as part of the uniform for your wait staff and chefs.

Bring the Outside in

So many facets of design are inspired by nature, so when it comes to restaurant decoration ideas, making use of the hues, textures and components of the outside world can result in something truly special.

Biophilic interior design maximises natural light and airflow, so it is definitely worth considering if your restaurant also has an exterior dining space. Opt for grounding, calming colours such as greens, browns and oranges and combine these with natural shapes and patterns.

Make use of materials such as bamboo to partition the space or add details to walls, and make sure the décor features an attractive array of easy-to-maintain plants and flowers.

Cool and Coastal

If your restaurant is situated by the sea or you just want your diners to feel like they are sitting on a sun-soaked shore when they visit, a coastal vibe is a good choice. Beige tones mimic the sand while pops of blue and flashes of white resemble the lapping waves and summer skies.

The aim is to make the space bright and breezy so make use of natural light and mirrors. When it comes to texture and pattern, nautical-inspired stripes can work well, as can jute and rope. Steer clear of decorations like buoys and anchors as you can risk bringing down the tone. Instead, make use of glass vases, abstract paintings and driftwood.

Urban Jungle

‘Urban jungle’ is a phrase commonly associated with all the negative aspects of living in a metropolitan area: traffic, pollution, and swarms of people. However, by adopting this concept for your restaurant’s interior design, you can stylise aspects that come from city life and make these positive. Think exposed concrete, industrial-style seating and a feature wall of graffiti that matches your brand identity and cuisine.

What it boils down to is creating a dining space that matches your cuisine and brand personality whilst also being inviting and functional. The possibilities for this are endless and you can even incorporate bespoke leather goods into your design to help you do this. 

From menu covers, coasters and even tortilla warmers, we at Billy Tannery can help you elevate your restaurant’s interior design with custom pieces. Get in touch to find out more or inquire about working together.

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