Most people are used to finding a few complimentary items in their hotel room, be it a collection of tea bags, slippers, or travel toiletries. However, many hotels have begun to offer luxury hotel room welcome gifts for VIPs, frequent visitors, corporate clients, and those staying for celebrations such as anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings.

A hotel room gift is a great way to welcome your guests and start their stay. Plus, such a gesture is an excellent way to showcase your brand, boost loyalty, and show your appreciation for your guests' custom.

If you want to gift something special to your guests but are stuck on finding the perfect thing, our luxury hotel room welcome gift ideas are sure to give you some inspiration.

Bespoke hotel projects

Tea hamper

Tea and coffee are commonplace in hotel rooms for good reason. After travelling to a hotel and finally getting to their room, many guests enjoy having a hot drink whilst they settle in. However, you can elevate your offering by creating a hamper packed full of artisan tea blends, freshly ground coffee varieties and hand-decorated biscuits. You could even include a tea set for one, a pair of espresso cups or a cafetiere too.


For corporate guests, a leather cardholder could be the perfect hotel welcome gift. It’s simple but stylish plus it’s practical, and your guests will be able to make use of it straight away by slipping their business cards inside. It’s also small meaning they won’t have to find the space to store it within their luggage.

For a truly bespoke gift that also works as branded merchandise for your hotel, you could get the cardholders embossed with your hotel’s logo and pick a colour that ties in with your company branding or hotel décor.

Cocktail kit

Why not provide your guests with everything they need to make a delicious cocktail right in their hotel room? You can use the kit to highlight local produce by including spirits made by independent businesses and fresh fruits and botanicals grown close by.

To ensure it is a gift that guests can continue to enjoy long after they leave your hotel, include a travel bartending set, complete with a shaker, strainer, muddler, measuring jigger and stirring spoon, and include a couple of designer cocktail glasses too.


A set of handmade leather coasters is a great welcome gift that your guests will be able to start using straight away for setting down their morning cup of coffee or room service drinks they order after a busy day. Plus, they’ll easily stow away in their luggage, meaning your visitors can take them home and have a practical, stylish and durable memento of their trip to your hotel.

Beach supplies

If your hotel is near the shore or there is an outdoor pool on-site, gifting beach supplies that your guests can use straight away is a surefire win. Consider such items as a 100% cotton towel with an understated but attractive pattern, luxury sunglasses and headwear, sandals or sliders, and a trio of expert suncream, after sun and SPF lip balm.

Picnic basket

A picnic hamper is something that guests will be able to use throughout the year, whether it’s for a UK summer getaway, a family gathering in the garden or an indoor tea party nestled around a fireplace.

You can brand the outside of the basket with your company logo and line the inside with a fabric that matches your company colours. Inside, ensure all the essentials are included; mugs, glasses, plates, cutlery, napkins, a flask, a corkscrew and a bottle opener.


Gifting your guests luxury luggage not only provides them with something useful but also ensures that they'll think back to their stay every time they use it. Choose something like a leather tote bag which is the ideal size for an overnight stay or a leather backpack, just like The Fife Arms did for their collaboration with us. They made their bags truly unique to them by embossing the leather with their hotel crest and including their house tartan within the lining.

Cashmere blanket

Soft and luxurious, a cashmere blanket is a gift that guests will be able to use within their homes or take with them on their journeys to keep warm and add an extra layer of comfort. You could opt for a blanket that is neutral in colour to make sure it can be added seamlessly to the interior décor of any home or go for a statement pattern or tone that makes each guest remember their visit to your hotel every time they spot it draped over their favourite chair.


We aren't talking about a logoed pad and a biro with this suggestion. Instead, we mean high-end writing implements and notebooks that your guests will be able to use in important meetings, for jotting down business ideas or for recording memories of their stay. You could gift a beautiful fountain pen, for instance, or a leather journal with refillable pages. In another collaboration with the Fife Arms, we crafted a deer leather journal cover for them that is embossed with the hotel crest, lined with their house tartan which works perfectly against the dark brown exterior and comes with a branded pencil.

From top boutique hotels to top restaurants, we've curated bespoke leather goods for the best of the hospitality industry, including the likes of The Fife Arms and Thyme in the Cotswolds. Using our sustainable, quality goat and deer leather, there's not much we can't do. Get in touch to discuss your idea for a hotel room welcome gift or line of branded products.

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