Sustainability wasn’t a top priority when blogging and social media first took off. Instead, excessive fast fashion hauls were the norm.

Luckily, the tide is turning, and more and more sustainable fashion influencers are making content that inspires others to lead greener and more ethical lifestyles.

Sustainability is a huge part of our ethos and story here at Billy Tannery.  Our brand was created as a solution for what to do with goat skins wasted by the food industry, and we opt for the far less polluting option of vegetable tanned leather.

Fashion is unsurprisingly also a big passion of ours - not only are our leather products sustainably made and of excellent quality, they are also designed with aesthetics firmly in mind. They’re sharp, timeless and exude effortless style.

And what do you get when you put sustainability and fashion content together? That’d be our list of top five sustainable fashion influencers.

Keep reading for ethical fashion and lifestyle inspiration.

Patrick Grant

You’ve probably seen the very dapper Patrick judging contestants on BBC Two’s Great British Sewing Bee, but you may not know about his ethical fashion ventures.

Patrick is a huge champion of the UK textile industry, and in using ethical methods to garner materials, such as planting flaxseed.

One of his main projects is Community Clothing. The brand describes themselves as a “social enterprise”, and every garment they make is created using “quality sustainable natural materials.” Classic, hard-wearing pieces for men and women are Community Clothing’s bread and butter.

Follow Patrick on Instagram to keep up with his ethical fashion projects, and check out Community Clothing for quality basics that will look great paired with our timeless leather accessories. 


This is more of an online magazine as opposed to an individual influencer, but we had to include it in our list.

Eco-Stylist is “Your guide to ethically made, stylish clothing”. Their website features sustainable and ethical brands and absolutely zero fast fashion, and the blog is a hub for easy-to-read and informative content on everything from ethical alternatives to big fashion brands, to eco-friendly gift guides.

Founder, Garik Himebaugh, also has several videos on the Eco-Stylist Instagram with handy styling tips such as how to style sneakers, and in depth conversations on sustainable fashion.

Follow Eco-Stylist for a comprehensive rundown on all things ethical fashion.

Ms Beltempo

Alyssa is a “slow fashion” advocate and one of our top favourite sustainable fashion influencers.

Her Instagram page is jam packed with fashion content all with a sustainable theme, such as  shopping your closet, how to style your existing pieces in new ways and choosing creativity over consumption.

Good styling is another cornerstone of Alyssa’s content, and her androgynous looks can inspire both men and women’s fashion. 

If you’re ever guilty of feeling like you have nothing to wear despite a bulging wardrobe, be sure to check out Alyssa’s page to learn how to love your clothes more.

Andrea Cheong

Andrea is a go to girl for fashion inspiration. The London based influencer, illustrator and journalist is prominent on Instagram and TikTok sharing the best in ethical fashion and beauty.

As well as sharing tips for making the most out of what you already have, Andrea highlights how to shop with quality in mind. Her mantra is all about sustainable buys rather than brands so you’re more likely to see recommendations for particular items.

This also makes it easier for those who love fast fashion (or find shopping sustainably overwhelming) to make better choices. Her honest and educational reviews of popular high street pieces show how well they’re made and whether or not they’ll last.

Make sure to follow Andrea Cheong on Instagram to get your inspiration for a better quality wardrobe.

Aja Barber

Writer and fashion consultant, Aja Barber, is last but by no means least on our top 5 sustainable fashion influencers.

Aja’s book, Consumed, examines the fashion industry, consumerism, the problematic history of the textile industry, and much more. Ethical issues within fashion are not only related to the environment and sustainability, but also in inequality, racism and privilege, and Aja’s work draws much-needed attention to this.

Her Instagram page also has plenty of fashion advice and inspiraton that will help you find fresh ways to style your wardrobe.

Aja is an ethical fashion influencer to have on your radar.

We hope these five sustainable fashion influencers and blogs have inspired you. In a world obsessed with fast fashion, slowing down and being more conscious about where you consume fashion content is essential to leading a more ethical and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Want more inspiration? Read our article on sustainable fashion blogs and ethical mens' clothing brands. And remember to check out our collection of leather accessories for men and women.

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