Bespoke leather menu covers

Over the years Billy Tannery's relationship with the food industry has grown stronger and stronger. From chefs using goat meat keen to show the whole story from nose to tail and beyond, to restaurants looking for custom leather menu holders made to the highest standards in the UK.

We offer a bespoke service from design to sourcing and production. Whether using our own British goat leather or carefully selected leathers from the best tanneries in the world, we'll collaborate with you to find the best solution for your hospitality project.

Previous projects have included premium leather bound menu covers for Akoko, bespoke tortilla holders for Kol and leather aprons for Silo.

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Bring a touch of luxury to your service with our premium leather bound bill presenters.

Originally created for the Ox Barn at Thyme in the Cotswolds, our personalised leather bill book has become a firm favourite with our restaurant clients.

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Brand every touchpoint of your customer's journey to create a true impression.

Leather table mats, placemats and coasters can be customised with your logo or unique message.

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Our leather chef's apron is one of our best-selling products. Originally created for James Cochran, chef-owner of 1251 in Islington, it is also now one of our most popular bespoke leather products.

We recently created custom leather aprons for the kitchen staff at Silo, the renowned zero-waste restaurant from Douglas McMaster.

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All of our goat leather is sourced from Cabrito, the UK's leading ethical goat meat supplier who in turn source from Delamere Dairy. We take the leftover goatskins, that were previously going to waste, and turn them into bark-tanned leather in our own small-batch tannery.

Our premium leather menu holders and range of restaurant accessories are then made in our UK workshops from this exceptional material. This uniquely circular approach adds another layer to your restaurant's sustainable story.

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