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Branded leather aprons


Our ties to the hospitality sector were created at our inception. It all started when we realised that the growing demand for goat meat and dairy in the British food industry was resulting in a surplus of hides.

We didn't want to see these go to waste and after discovering not a single goat hide was being tanned here in the UK, we committed to changing things. Now, we are part of a chain. We work directly with British farmers and producers to procure our materials which we transform into bespoke pieces such as leather aprons that are worn by top chefs including James Cochran, Doug McMaster and Elizabeth Haigh.

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Leather aprons for restaurants

Your employee uniform is an important component of your restaurant, adding to the cohesiveness of the experience for your diners. Of course, there are practical elements of it too. Any restaurant uniform needs to be functional and durable enough to stand up to a busy environment.

Leather restaurant aprons, therefore, are a great choice. And when they are made from sustainable goat or deer leather like ours are, they lend themselves to supporting a farm-to-fork approach. 

Customised with your branding

As with all our custom leather goods, our restaurant aprons can be customised to suit your branding and style.

For example, the black restaurant aprons we crafted for London eatery Silo were embossed with the restaurant’s logo on the front pocket. The shape was adjusted slightly, and the tea towel straps were removed given that Silo doesn’t use them.

The details

Each apron measures approximately 85cm x 65cm and has adjustable straps to accommodate a range of wearers. It also features a front pocket which is ideal for holding a phone, pen or other utensils, and has a handy tea towel strap at the waist. If you are looking for something completely unique, we can collaborate on ideas for shape, features and finishing hardware.

Our leather restaurant aprons are available in a core range of colours. Goat leather varieties are available in Chestnut Brown, Navy, Forest Green and Black whilst in deer leather, our custom restaurant aprons come in Bark Brown and Black. As an independent, small-batch micro tannery, we can also explore creating bespoke colours for larger orders. We can also source exceptional cattle hides from the UK and Italy, giving you plenty of choice.

There is a minimum order quantity of five custom restaurant aprons, with prices starting from £180 per item.

As seen in

Whilst now one of our most popular bespoke leather products, our branded aprons were originally created for James Cochran, chef-owner of 1251 in Islington.

We also recently created custom leather aprons for the kitchen staff at Silo, the renowned zero-waste restaurant which is the brainchild of Douglas McMaster.

Eagle-eyed viewers may have even spotted James Strawbridge wearing one of our leather aprons on an episode of Escape to the Chateau and again in his BBC series, Strawbridge Over The Drawbridge.

Ethical Apparel

We believe in making the most of what the planet provides but being respectful to the environment whilst doing so. That’s why every year, we save thousands of hides from ending up in landfill, repurposing them into high-quality leather goods like our custom restaurant aprons.

Our natural tanning process is eco-conscious and uses vegetable tannins to create leather with a wonderful aroma and patina. The way we approach this allows us to recycle 90% of the water used and the bark extract is used for multiple batches. As we use no artificial pigments, any other by-products of the tanning process are composted or safely irrigated onto our surrounding grassland.

Steps are also taken to minimise our carbon footprint. All our goods are UK made within two independent workshops with as many domestic materials as possible.

We are proudly part of an interconnected system, where products are fully traceable and regenerative practices are championed to ensure a sustainable future.

black leather apron

Branded leather aprons