In the hospitality and tourism industry, merchandise has long been used to introduce new businesses, increase brand recognition, and boost revenue. However, it also has another very important purpose. It helps create an emotional connection between customers and an establishment, allowing them to remember their visit with fondness every time they use or look at the branded item.

For bespoke hotels, we understand if run-of-the-mill keyrings, soft toys, and fridge magnets don't quite cut it. That's why we've put together this list of ideas for branded merchandise for hotels. It's full of things that are a little more special and will guarantee your guests take a little piece of luxury home with them.


Many hotels offer complimentary miniature toiletries as part of a guest's stay, but they aren't what we have in mind with this suggestion. Instead, how about full-size sets that come in beautiful bottles and stylish exterior packaging? For instance, you could offer a duo of hand soap and lotion or a gift set of shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil, complete with a hair wrap.

Bath linen

Branded face cloths and towels are a great option if you are looking for items that your guests can make use of every day. You can have them embroidered with your hotel's name and/or logo and choose a colour that matches your brand or décor. If you want to go the extra mile, you could even offer a monogramming service so that each item is truly bespoke.


Nightwear is a classic hotel offering, with slippers being a common item that guests can take home. However, robes and pyjamas are a great option for branded merchandise as they can remind guests of their stay every time they hop into their own bed. Cotton, linen and silk are all lovely materials to choose from and you can opt for colours that match your hotel’s logo.  

Scented candle

With a beautifully scented candle, you can transport your guests back to your hotel's lobby every time they light it, especially if you use the same candles throughout your hotel. With a candle, you can also get creative with its design, making it truly unique with regard to size, shape, colour and fragrance.


A journal or notebook, such as the leather journal we’ve created for The Fife Arms is worth considering if you are seeking something practical that your guests can use. Our version is constructed with vegetable-tanned deer leather, is embossed with the hotel's crest, and comes with a branded pencil.

Signature scent

With a custom perfume or cologne, you can create a scent that is inspired by your hotel and its surroundings. For example, if you always have fresh bouquets in the foyer, these could be captured by notes of rose and freesia. Or if a stunning fireplace is the key feature of your hotel’s bar, smoky and woody aromas would work perfectly.  


Bags are versatile, useful, and can be a long-lasting mementos, especially if made from sturdy materials such as is the case with the deer leather zip-top backpack we have crafted for The Fife Arms. Our backpack is embossed with the hotel’s crest, has handles and straps so it can be carried or worn, and has a padded laptop compartment. However, you don’t have to go for a backpack. You could choose a tote, travel holdall, handbag or even luggage.

Artisan produce

Opting to use local, small-batch produce as part of your hotel's branded merchandise can be beneficial. Not only will it help you to build business relationships but it will also create links between your guests and the area too. There are so many possibilities for food and drink merchandise including beers, wines and spirits, chocolates, baked goods, and confectionery.


A scarf can be used year in, year out. Plus, every time a guest places it around their neck, they can think back to the good times they had while staying at your hotel. Like with other items, a scarf can be customised to suit your hotel. For example, if you are based in the highlands of Scotland, then a signature tartan design may be ideal. If you are in a metropolitan area, then a chic silk scarf might be just the right thing. 

Afternoon tea set

If your hotel serves up a delicious afternoon tea, a bespoke tea set can allow guests to recreate their experience at home. The set could match the crockery you use in-house, align with your hotel’s colour or match a particular style. A contemporary design might be more suited to a city hotel, for instance, whereas a traditional set, complete with ditsy print may align more with a countryside destination.

If you’ve got an idea for a bespoke leather item that you’d love to include as part of your hotel’s branded merchandise, then get in touch today. We can help bring your vision to life with our sustainable deer and goat leather, or work with you to design a range of new ideas.

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