Farm to table is an ethos and movement that promotes serving food fresh from the farm rather than being sourced through shops, markets and wholesalers. And certainly not shipped from around the world.

It may be called farm to table, plough-to-plate, turf-to-table, farm-to-fork… or any variation you might see popping up in eateries near you. But whilst these terms can mean different things to different people, at its core, ‘farm to table’ means a return to locally-sourced, farm-fresh and seasonal food.

The hospitality industry is a competitive one. Consumers are becoming increasingly discerning as they are looking for great food, and a great experience. As diners become more concerned with the provenance of their plateful, there is a (in our opinion, welcome) move towards sustainability-focused and eco-friendly ways of eating.

At Billy Tannery we strive to put sustainability at the heart of all we do. An ethos that goes hand in hand with the farm to table approach. As we use leather mainly from the food industry, we love to work with chefs and restaurants. Our products can bring your farm to table story full circle and help build this narrative as part of your branding strategy.

Creating a farm to table design

If your food emphasises the quality and freshness of the ingredients, local-sourcing, foraging, seasonal relevance and a feeling of ‘cutting out the middleman’, take time to ensure that this ethos is reflected throughout every aspect of the customer experience.

This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style for sustainability… quite the opposite! There’s an increasing availability of alternative products and materials, so that with a little consideration, you can create a strong brand identity with a restaurant design that reinforces a sustainable, farm-to-fork feel at every turn. The little touches here can make a big difference to the dining experience.

restaurant leather projects

Menu covers

By investing in luxury menu covers, you can rotate the printed interior as your menu shifts with seasons - showcasing the best of the local produce and championing the freshest flavours. In your menu, ensure you are labelling any home-grown and local produce - ideally, you should be able to name the farm(s) your ingredients are from.

Grow and go

If you have the space, grow your own - window boxes, roof terraces, allotment and yard space can all be put to work, maintaining a crop of organic vegetables. You can bring this into the design, with seasonal touches to bring life to your tables and/or walls, or perhaps you could use indoor herb gardens as part of your venue decor.


Savvy choices with the materials you use can reflect your ethos and create a unique ambience in your eatery. If you are embracing an industrial, pared-back look, aim for salvaged timber, exposed brickwork and reclaimed or upcycled furniture. To create a sumptuous high-end feel, look for opulent soft furnishings - perhaps recycled fabrics, and sustainably grown bamboo, which has numerous uses from decor to linens and packaging.


Creating strong restaurant branding is a way of boosting recognition amongst your customers and standing out in a crowded market. This can be achieved through the aesthetic of the venue, and the products you use.

Our aprons are a popular choice with chefs and restaurant teams. Our recent collaboration with Silo – a zero waste restaurant that scrutinises the supply chain from every angle – saw us creating bespoke leather aprons for chefs and staff alike. As they don’t need to go in the washing machine, they reduce energy use and water. Billy Tannery aprons are made from full grain, fully traceable leather from the food industry, that otherwise would go to waste. This allows your team to wear the farm to table ethos across their heart - literally - as an important brand statement.

The same is true for our personalised coasters. These are an opportunity to create brand recognition amongst your customer base with every sip. Plus, the personalised, durable coasters add a luxurious touch to your tables.


At the heart of it all, your farm to table restaurant should feel authentic. Offering your customers a clear and transparent glimpse into the journey assures them of the quality and commitment you put into the dining experience. This is what will keep your customers returning, and investing their money into your food.

Our bespoke products can be custom made to suit your venue and design. We can customise design, branding and hardware to ensure your leather restaurant products are as unique as your restaurant and align with both your values and your vision.

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