If, when you think of luxury products, your mind instantly goes to leather, that may not be much of a surprise. After all, leather is used to construct the bags and shoes of some of the world’s most renowned brands and is often the go-to material for finishing high-end furniture.

Leather has long been considered a luxury textile for a multitude of reasons. It looks good, it feels good, and it smells good for starters. Then there's the fact that it is durable, meaning products made from it make for a long-lasting investment. Throw in the effort and skill required for producing leather and you have a material that is highly revered.

If you want to elevate your customers’ experience in your restaurant, then considering aspects beyond the food is important. Leather can add a luxury feel to your eating environment by injecting extra special touches far beyond stools and chairs.

Bespoke leather goods can help make a dining experience unforgettable, embed your branding into your customer’s memory and ensure that the style and function of your restaurant’s finishing touches are impeccable.

restaurant leather projects

Here we’ve put together our pick of ways that you can use leather in your restaurant to help you get inspired.

Menu covers

Menus are arguably one of the most used items in any restaurant and one of the first inanimate objects your customers will interact with after stepping through the door. Therefore, it makes sense to present a menu that looks fantastic, feels good in the hand, and gets your diner's experience off to a good start.

Menu covers are not only an ideal way to protect your menus and reduce how often you need to reprint them (another sustainable consideration, but they also add to the excitement for your customer. Flicking through a weighty leather-bound menu is going to feel more special than browsing a laminated sheet or damaged card menu, for instance.

Leather menu covers are durable and can help ensure this pivotal item ties in with the overall feel of your restaurant. Leather gives you the option to pick from a range of colours, include your branding and add embellishments such as studs, metal corners and ties.

Bill presenters

Receiving the bill may not be the favourite part of a diner’s meal but you can still ensure the whole experience is finished on a high by maintaining your attention to the details until the very end.

A leather bill presenter creates a little moment of suspense when a diner opens it and allows them to somewhat reminisce on the meal they have only just finished. It does this by not only mimicking the feel of the menu in their hand but also giving them the chance to read through the receipt that lists their chosen dishes like a delicious food story.


Coasters may be small but don’t underestimate their value in adding to the luxury feel of your restaurant. By opting for leather coasters, you add to a diner’s experience as there’s no soggy card stuck to the bottom of their glass or condensation running onto the table.


Aprons come in so many styles, materials, and colours, meaning they are a great way to echo your restaurant’s vibe and they have the power to become synonymous with certain environments. For example, a red and white striped apron may conjure up the image of a village butcher or a black pocket apron may make you think of the wait staff in your favourite lunchtime café.  

Leather restaurant aprons are a fantastic choice if the lasting impression you want to leave is of opulence and timeless style. The material itself is durable and protective yet comfortable for your staff but comes in a range of colours and the aprons can be produced in a style with finishing touches that align with your restaurant’s atmosphere.

Leather holders

A leather holder for cutlery or bottles can be a practical and aesthetic component of your table set-up. A stiff geometric slip, for instance, could be used to display utensils and you could opt for a leather colour that compliments the metal such as a deep navy blue for gold cutlery. Or, you could opt for a leather bottle carrier to present your house wine.

Taco warmers

This idea may seem a bit left field, but we actually completed this project for London-based, Mexican-fusion restaurant,
Kol. The embossed and stitched brown leather pockets hold soft taco shells and are presented to the table alongside pots, bowls and dishes that hold the other taco components.

You might not have any need for leather taco warmers but the point we are trying to make is that leather can be used in your restaurants in far more ways than you realise! The possibilities are endless and if you are interested in finding out more about how we can craft bespoke goat leather products to help you add a touch of luxury to your restaurant, get in touch or download our bespoke project brochure

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