Leatherworking with tools is a time-honoured craft that dates back to the Stone Age circa 5,000 BC but evidence of hideworking and tanning goes back some 400,000 years. Its longevity is really no surprise when you consider that leather is one of the most classic materials available thanks to its durability and versatility.

Throughout history, leatherworkers have crafted clothes, shoes, and even shelters and now, in modern times, many people enjoy leather work for its ability to use heritage techniques to combine function and fashion.

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If you have a leatherworker in your life and are looking for a gift for them, this article offers up some great ideas. Whether they are just starting out or an experienced artisan, these gifts are sure to be a welcome addition to their kit and help them continue to develop their skills.


For any hands-on craftsperson, an apron is a must-have item. Whether it's a baker rustling up a fresh batch of cakes or a leather worker putting together a satchel bag, an apron protects the wearer and their clothes from dirt, heat, and sharp objects. They can also be great for keeping key tools that may be needed to hand as the wearer moves around their workspace. If you want to keep on theme, our leather apron might be just what you’re looking for.

Handbooks and guides

It only takes a quick internet search to see that there is a plethora of books available about leatherworking. If your loved one is a beginner, then a guide to leatherworking that covers the basics of tools and techniques, and includes small projects might be ideal. If, however, they’ve been leatherworking for some time then a book on a specific item, such as bags, shoes, or clothes, might be a better option.

Leatherworking tools

Fit for purpose, high-quality tools are important for any craftsperson in ensuring their finished items are as good as can be. When it comes to leather work, there are a vast number of tools that are either useful or necessary including everything from generic tools such as hammers and pliers, to those that are specific to the craft such as awls and pricking irons.

If you are unsure of what to get, a leatherworking kit is a good option as there are many different kinds to pick from, but they will usually include the must-have basics. If you are looking for more specialist tools or machinery, then contacting a leather work tool supplier could be useful. They should be able to give you some advice and recommendations based on the details you provide.

Rivet set

Rivets come in handy for a wide range of leatherworking projects including bags, belts, hats, jackets, and more. Therefore, a set that includes leather rivets in a variety of sizes and finishes is sure to be a winner. Many rivet sets also come with related tools such as a punching hole and fixing rod meaning your loved one will be able to add these to their kit too.

Leather stamps

Leather embossing stamps are a great way to add something extra to a piece. They can be used to add a decorative touch or personalisation, for example. There are plenty of embossing stamps to choose from including alphabet sets, shapes, animals, and patterns.

For a truly special gift, you could even get a bespoke stamp made that your loved one can use to brand the items they make.

Novelty mug

If you are looking for something lighthearted and fun, a mug or flask that is emblazoned with a leatherworking-related image or phrase is a surefire way to raise a smile. Plus, there's no doubt it will come in handy when your loved one is taking a well-earned break in between steps of their latest project!

Several online marketplaces offer such items but, if you wanted to, you could even design your own and have it printed so it is truly unique.


For creative and crafty people, a notebook can be a treasured companion that houses their ideas, inspirations, to-dos and other important jottings. When open on their workbench or desk, a notebook can also be used to write down measurements or simply note their thoughts. 

You could help your loved one to capture their leather working journey by gifting them one of our leather notebooks which are A5 in size, so perfect for carrying with them wherever they go and have refillable pages made from recycled leather fibres.

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration on finding the best gifts for the leather worker in your life. If you are looking for presents for other family and friends, check out our full range of luxury leather gifts for more unique ideas.

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