To celebrate the launch of our sneaker collaboration with Goral, we visited three Sheffield locals each with their own creative story to tell - and a pair of our sneakers on their feet. You can also check out our Sheffield Guide on Google Maps which pulls together all the recommendations from Fern, Jonathan and Luke.

Jonathan Swanston is the co-founder of Kestrel Antiques, a business that he runs between Sheffield and London with his good friend Sophie.

Billy Tannery Goral Sneakers Jonathan Swanston

For those that don't know you, can you tell us who you are and what you do?

My name is Jonathan Swanston and I'm one half of Kestrel Antiques, alongside my pal Sophie who lives in London. Together we started Kestrel Antiques out of a love for vintage, decorative antiques, kitchenalia, artwork, glassware, books, pottery, curiosities and the list goes on and on.... We try to source individual pieces to bring into the home as well as classic, mid-century and postmodern as we believe the modern home can now be a much more eclectic and multi-sensory place than previously thought upon.

I enjoy geeking out over the history of interiors and design, as it's a truly fascinating subject on how the evolution of how things are made and received have changed so much over the years.

How long have you lived and worked in Sheffield?

I lived in Sheffield for two years when I was 18 studying architecture but gave that up to live in London to pursue a degree in art and fashion. Having then had some exciting years there I moved back up in 2018 with my partner and then 2 year old daughter.

Billy Tannery Goral Sneakers Jonathan Swanston

What's the one thing that an outsider won't know about Sheffield that they should?

There is a fantastic creative scene here that seems to be an ever growing one. The music scene and the history of the city are things you can read about but until you've experienced a night out in Leadmill or taken a walk around the botanical gardens then you won't really grasp the beauty of the city.

Sheffield played a major part in the Industrial Revolution, do you think the same manufacturing spirit remains in the creative life of the city today?

I believe it is something that has never left and will never leave Sheffield. It has just evolved as to what exactly is manufactured. Of course the true definition of the word industrial will always be there in body and mind, I just think that the same energy is now being focused into a variety of different disciplines whether it be art, fashion, ceramics etc there will always be a sense of wanting to have a quality end product.

Billy Tannery Goral Black Leather Sneakers

Other than your own, which Sheffield based brands or businesses should be on our radar?

My favourite antiques shop is Gilbert & Sons in Sharrow Vale. For vintage menswear Rag Parade is a must visit. Pottery West is an amazing ceramics studio on Brown Street and another mention has to go to Grey Suit Clay, another pottery. My favourite café is Eve Kitchen, which specialises in handmade doughnuts.

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