If you know anything about us at Billy Tannery, you’ll know that being a sustainable business is a cornerstone of our brand. In fact, Billy Tannery was born out of a desire to prevent the mindless waste of goat skins in the UK, and turn them into quality bags and accessories instead.

One huge aspect of sustainability and green living is fashion. Fast fashion is one of the most unsustainable and unethical parts of modern society, and it’s something we should all be paying attention to.

We’ve put together this list of our favourite sustainable fashion blogs and influencers, from lifestyle Youtubers to ethical fashion writers. There’s a sustainable fashion blog, vlog or podcast for everyone - each of which inspires us to lead a more eco friendly and ethical lifestyle.

If we all make small changes in our day-to day-lives, we can make a real impact, so let’s get started.

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Ruth MacGilp

Kicking off this list is Ruth MacGilp.

Ruth is the Communications & Content Manager at Fashion Revolution, an organisation campaigning for an overhaul in the fashion industry.

She’s an ethical fashion writer whose website has a variety of informative and well researched articles on the fashion industry, fast fashion and sustainability. Ruth’s Instagram feed also features plenty of ethical fashion outfit inspiration. 

Nayna Florence

We’re staying in Edinburgh for a while longer, as the next sustainable fashion blog on the list is fellow Edinburger, Nayna Florence.

Nayna is a student in Edinburgh with a passion for low waste and green living.

Amongst her lifestyle vlogs, Nayna creates YouTube fashion videos featuring ethical brands and thrifted clothes - great for outfit inspiration and finding greener places to shop.

Conscious Life and Style

For a library of inspiration, check out Conscious Life and Style, an online destination packed with guides and resources to support sustainable living. Founded by Elizabeth Joy, you'll find everything from expert written articles on fast fashion and ecotourism to top tips for eco-friendly shopping. 

Future Dust

Next up is an Instagram account that was founded by sustainable fashion writer, Alec Leach. Future Dust is the place to go for finding small independent ethical fashion brands and projects.

Style and Sustain

Amma, founder of Style and Sustain, describes herself as “a writer, podcaster and digital content creator passionate about sustainable and ethical fashion.”

She has created a plethora of relevant content on ethical style, brands and sustainable fashion, including conversations with founders and campaigners. Amma also shares green fashion and styling inspiration on her Instagram feed.

Moral Fibres

Wendy is another sustainable living blogger based in Scotland. She’s a “sustainable expert” and has even written a book on eco-friendly cleaning.

While Moral Fibres covers all aspects of leading a sustainable lifestyle, Wendy also has several articles on the best ethical fashion brands for all budgets.

Brothers We Stand

This UK based ethical menswear brand has a fantastic sustainable fashion and lifestyle blog. It features articles on shopping sustainably, climate change, the fashion industry, materials and much more.

Green Fox Blog

Our good friend David Evans over at Grey Fox needs a mention!

David’s blog and Instagram is the place for suave, style conscious 40+ men to get styling inspiration and find British-made ethical menswear. Follow David to join his “search for sustainable style”.

Well Dressed Dad

Nick is based in Norway, and blogs about “ethical, sustainable and fun fashion.”

His Garmology podcast showcases individuals within the sustainable fashion industry, including umbrella makers, fashion professors, weavers, tailors and much more.

Megan Doyle

London based sustainable fashion writer, Megan Doyle, has first hand experience of the fashion industry, having worked for brands such as Matches Fashion and The Business of Fashion.

Her blog covers topics such as greenwashing, fashion media, and ethical fashion brands. Megan also has an informative monthly newsletter, The Titan Thread, which is an easy way to keep up to date with the fashion industry, sustainability and ethics.

Lemonade Amsterdam

Nathalie Klok describes her Instagram as “daily inspiration for slow, sustainable, creative fashion & lifestyle”.

Her vibrant feed includes innovative examples of how to repair and upcycle clothes, features on independent sustainable fashion brands and creators, plus fun challenges such as “6 clothing items for 30 days.”

Sustainable fashion isn’t only about where we buy our clothes, but also how to give them longevity within our wardrobes, and Lemonade Amsterdam is a great place to get ideas.

Want to invest in sustainable fashion?

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