More and more, consumers are making conscious choices about the gifts they give, and where to spend their hard-earned money. We’re big believers in “quality over quantity”, and advocate spending on one, high-quality item rather than lots of lesser gifts that don’t last. 

We want to combine style and sustainability in all our choices, and that extends to the gifts we give at Christmas, for birthdays and just because.

Small gift, big impact

But what about when you need a small gift? Those little extras – a thoughtful ‘thank you’, stocking fillers or secret santa... Sometimes a big gift isn’t required, or appropriate, and suddenly the small gifts are the hardest to choose! 

No-one has money to waste on things that won’t be used or appreciated – novelties that end up in landfill. We certainly don’t want to encourage buying things for the sake of it, so here’s how to select a small gift that has a big impact on the lucky recipient (and a small impact on the planet).

On our ‘nice’ list:


We love presents that can be used and loved every day. These are great gifts for the ‘hard to buy for’ man or woman – we all know at least one. They may have a wallet already, but no doubt it’s time to replace it with something high-quality and durable (unless they already have a Billy Tannery wallet, with lifetime repair guarantee, of course.)

Think about who you’re buying for, and choose from slimline bifolds that fit neatly into a bag or pocket, or coin purses for change. Consider a sleek card organiser, perfect for those with bigger bags, and lots to organise.

Choosing handmade and handcrafted means you pick a thoughtful gift, and they get a tactile wallet which is a pleasure to handle. Even when they’re paying the bill!

Leather pouch

The humble pouch is a hard working gift. The best thing about a pouch is its versatility. Depending on the size and material of the pouch, it can do double-duty as a makeup bag, handbag organiser (for those little essentials that get lost in the bottom of larger bags) storage for coins or chargers on-the-go, passport wallet, clutch bag, nappy bag… the uses are endless. 

So get one, or three… you can never have too many! They make great gifts, and you’re bound to end up wanting one yourself. Our offering comes in a range of sizes, suitable for stashing passports, to tablets and laptops for travel.

Craft kit

A craft kit gives you double the gift for your money. It’s an experience and skill, as well as a beautiful end product to treasure. So many of us in the UK embraced our crafty side during lockdowns. A craft kit makes a great gift for your loved one to stay connected to that side of themselves. 

In the midst of busy life, what could be better than a slow afternoon working with high quality materials to create something beautiful, durable and useful. Plus some ‘I made this’ bragging rights to boot!

Key wraps and keyrings

The days of keyrings being a Christmas cracker novelty are over. A stylish keyring or key wrap elevates this everyday basic into a luxury item. Our Billy Tannery key wraps are subtle, stylish and prevent keys from scratching up sunglasses, phone or just getting lost in a bag. If someone in your life needs a little more organisation, a key wrap might be the thoughtful gift you’re looking for.


Another fantastic gift option that can be woven into the recipient’s daily living is a set of handmade leather coasters. Once opened on Christmas morning, they’ll be able to use them straight away with their glass of Buck’s fizz and then later in the day when Christmas dinner and drinks are served. However, our sustainable deer leather coasters are a practical, durable present that can be used year-round for morning brews, weekend cocktails, drinks on summer evenings, and dinner party wine pairings.


A classic notebook is a great gift for anyone who loves to make lists, stay organised, or journal, at home, or on their travels. Choose a beautiful, durable notebook that lasts as a keepsake, long after the pages are filled, or opt for a refillable option, for a gift that will last for years. If the present is for someone artistic, choose a sketchbook, or bullet journal style that will allow them to have a creative outlet in their pocket.

Why leather?

High quality leather gifts make a perfect choice for someone you care about, making everyday essentials feel that little more special. From sunglasses cases, driving gloves, homewares to high fashion, leather is a material that always feels luxurious.

We are all feeling the need for lower impact materials, so we strive to make leather goods sustainable. Each of our pieces is made with the highest quality, full-grain goat leather, meaning your gift will last for years to come, and prevents food industry waste from going to landfill.

We’re big believers in quality. When you choose quality, you end up choosing something that becomes an ‘old faithful’ in the life of the lucky recipient. Our handcrafted designs are hardwearing, eco-friendly and original to Billy Tannery. Our products develop a beautiful patina with use and are sure to be enjoyed for decades to come. A gift that combines style, sustainability and care. A gift truly worth giving.

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