At Billy Tannery we love the cross-section between beautifully made products and cooking. So when founder of Tog Knives, Bert Beagley-Brown, got in touch a few years ago we jumped at the chance to supply some of our leather for their knife block. The finished article is a perfect pairing of our vegetable-tanned goat leather and American Black Walnut and an ideal place to store your best knives. 

Tog Knives Knife Block - Leather & Wood


Fast-forward to December 2022 and Bert realised that they had some offcuts of both our leather and the wood, so in an effort to turn waste into worth - another thing close to our hearts - he designed something new. The leather and walnut knife strop is a double-sided tool for the final stage of knife sharpening.

Ever wondered how to get your knife sharp enough to shave with? Once you've finished on a whetstone, add some of the supplied Autosol metal polish and follow the instructions on the Tog website.

Tog Knives Leather Knife Strop

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