As a quality leather goods maker, finding the best men’s leather wallet is a question we are constantly asking. Whether you’re looking for a leather cardholder or a classic men's bifold wallet, it’s vital to think about both form and function.

You want your wallet to perform brilliantly, look great and also stand the test of time. At Billy Tannery we’re confident that we’ve cracked the formula for the perfect men’s leather wallet. You’ve come to the right place.

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As with all of leather products, we put a huge amount of time into research to come up with the perfect wallet design. You don’t need bells and whistles; the best handmade leather wallets combine classic and minimal design.

We all know that situation when you’re trying to pay for something, and you can’t get a decent grip on the card in your wallet. Fumbling, embarrassed that you’re holding up the queue, you finally managed to slide a card out.

We’ve seen some brands adding over-elaborate tabs or pulley systems to solve this issue, but eventually those are going to weaken and break off. So rather than adding something to the wallet, our solution is to take something away. Every Billy Tannery wallet has a semi-circular cut-out section that allows you to push your most used cards out from the bottom. Problem solved.

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In finding the most durable real leather wallet, one of the most overlooked factors is the material itself. Many wallets are made from substandard leather which may fool you to begin with, but over time will start peeling and falling apart. A top quality wallet will be with you for years, decades even, so it needs to be made from the finest genuine leather. Not only do you get the beautiful grain pattern unique to each piece, but it will also last the longest.

To make your handmade full grain leather wallet a joy to carry, the leather also needs to be lightweight. To achieve this often it’s shaved really thin to but unfortunately this can make even the best leather weaker.

This is where the goat leather from our leather tannery comes into its own. Naturally lighter than cowhide, while also being incredibly strong and durable. For a wallet you really can’t do any better.

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When it comes to performance, the size of your wallet is obviously personal preference but it boils down to how much you need to carry around with you on a daily basis. Some men like to carry a lot in their wallet and have every bank card, business card, receipt and plenty of cash at hand at all times. Whereas others like to keep things more minimal and just carry the essentials. At Billy Tannery, we cater for both camps.

Our card holder wallet has three card pockets, that’s it. You can comfortably fit up to eight cards and a few folded up notes, but you’ll never be tempted to carry too much. The slim silhouette also helps prevent the wrong sort of bulge in your jeans or a suit jacket hanging strangely. "Once you go Cardholder you'll never look over your shoulder." Or something like that.

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Our full grain leather credit card holder wallet was one of our very first products. But after listening to feedback from our customers, we also created our leather bifold wallet - a classic folding style with pockets for 12+ cards, banknotes and receipts. We’re firm believers in keeping a few coins in a pocket, but there’s no need to carry them in your wallet, so we haven’t added a bulky coin pouch. If you want to carry more than our Cardholder allows, our Bifold Wallet is the best you’ll find.

So, if you're searching for the best leather wallet money can buy, a full-grain British goat leather wallet is definitely the thinking man's option.

Browse our entire collection of full grain handmade leather wallets and other leather accessories. And if you can't decide, read our guide to cardholders vs wallets.

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