Sneaker Collaboration with Crown Northampton

As self-confessed shoe addicts, we had always dreamed about one day making footwear from our goat leather, but it felt a mammoth undertaking that we would need to wait to do in the future. However, after meeting the team from Crown Northampton at a show in London last Autumn, the plan for a special collaboration came together much quicker than we could have ever hoped. Amazingly, just a week after our first meeting, where we handed over a goatskin to test out, the first pair of goat leather sneakers arrived and we were bowled over. We had to make this happen.

Billy Crown Sneaker Making

Crown Northampton is owned by Chris Woodford, whose family have been making footwear in Britain since 1908 - a remarkable five generations of shoemakers. From their small factory in Northampton, just 25 miles from our tannery, Crown produce a range of shoe styles that are largely exported to Japan - which tells you a lot about the quality.

Crown Northampton Woodford

After discussing plans further, we decided to choose one style, The Overstone Derby Sneaker, to launch as a short-run in a selection of our goat leather colourways. Named simply 'The Sneaker', the shoe fuses centuries of Northampton’s shoe and leather making heritage with contemporary sneaker design and our sustainable British leather. What's more, Crown offers a unique sneaker resoling service so they really are made to last.

Billy Crown Sneaker Navy

The collaboration was available for pre-order for a 3-week window in Autumn 2018 in a choice of leather and sole colours, and the shoes shipped globally in late November. The feedback has blown us away:

"The sneakers arrived as promised and are an absolute joy. Even opening the box and feeling the quality and thoughtfulness of the presentation was joyful. And the sneakers themselves are a such a delight. So beautifully made with the kid leather that they speak of the pride and craftsmanship of the people involved at every level. And they fit like a glove. Bravo!"

The reception was so positive that we are planning another collaboration with Crown later in 2019. Sign-up to our mailing list to stay in touch or click here to be notified directly when it launches.

Billy Crown Sneaker Soling


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