Business has changed and lots of different bags can be used for laptops now. The most commonly used are still briefcases and backpacks - the briefcase is smart, functional and discreet; the backpack more multifunctional and informal. One of the easiest ways to update your look is with a leather laptop bag. The right one can both transform your wardrobe, and complement your lifestyle.

Plus, the days of staid-looking laptop bags are gone. Just as tech continues to innovate, so do the accessories that accompany these slick products. Nowadays, you’ll find laptop bags as stylish as they are practical - so there’s no need to compromise. Here are a few handy hints to help you decide on the perfect fit.

Billy Tannery Leather Laptop Briefcase


You can find all sorts of different laptop bag materials from leather, canvas and suede, to hemp, nylon and felt. Of course, leather laptop bags remain the most premium option for business. There’s something about a classic leather briefcase that sets itself apart from the rest. It sends the unspoken message that you’re serious about an investment in yourself - and it commands a certain respect. That said, it doesn’t need to be stuffy. Our Billy Tannery soft briefcase is a modern twist on a classic. When we couldn’t find a quality leather bag for contemporary business life, we designed one instead.

Bags for a Hands on Life Billy Tannery

Lightweight, soft and elegant, our leather laptop bags come in two colours - chestnut and black. We’ve ensured they contain enough pockets and compartments for all your essentials but are never bulky. The solid brass fittings give them sturdiness, the quality goatskin leather is long-lasting, and the finish is classic yet fresh.


The ideal leather backpack or leather laptop bag will feel robust but not heavy. Whilst leather is a heavier material than others, there’s no need for your bag to weigh you down before you’ve put anything inside it. Look for a bag that’s fairly minimal in both its structure and design, like our Billy Tannery real leather backpack and leather laptop bags.

Billy Tannery Black Leather Rolltop Backpack

Avoid overstuffing your bag, both for comfort’s sake and from a practical perspective too. A briefcase won’t have the same give as a backpack, so you’ll need to focus on just carrying the essentials with this one. Still, less is more, so whether you opt for a leather laptop bag or backpack, lighten the load and strip it back to just a few key items.

As a material, goatskin leather is softer and more lightweight than cows leather but just as durable. At our leather tannery we only use the highest quality vegetable-tanned goatskin leather to make our bags. Like all premium leather that’s been correctly sealed and protected, it’s also water resistant, so you won’t have to worry about material damage during any rainy commutes. Our bags are long-lasting, understated and modern.


Sometimes, size does matter. That’s certainly the case when you’re thinking about the right sort of laptop bag to choose. We mentioned that briefcases and backpacks are still the most popular styles but you’ll find variety within these different designs too. Think about what you’ll be using yours for, and when. A  quality leather backpack is a great choice if you need to carry a little more. Hardy, comfy and sophisticated, you’ll find padded and adjustable straps and a decent amount of volume inside. These can double up for weekends away, work trips and even outdoor adventures.

Billy Tannery Green Leather Rolltop Backpack

A roll-top allows you to modify this even more - Billy Tannery’s roll-top leather backpack offers an extra six litres of volume. These types of bags are versatile because you can adjust them to support both high and low volume amounts, depending on what you need. Although very practical, roll-top backpacks still manage to look elegant. It means you can adapt them for different occasions, both in and out of the office. Alternatively our new zip top backpack is a slightly smaller version if you don't need to carry quite so much.

If you’re looking for an accompaniment to smarten your work wardrobe, our leather briefcase might just be it. Slim and elegant, we’ve designed it with minimalism in mind. It can carry up to a 15” laptop with internal pockets for your other essentials, and the sturdy leather and hard-wearing fittings will ensure your most cherished items stay protected.


Finally, opt for a quality business bag that will stand apart from the crowd. None of us wants to undermine our look by realising we’ve got the same piece as somebody else. As a small independent brand, Billy Tannery leather products are both original and unique, so you’re unlikely to stumble across another person imitating your style. We’re leading the way with leather laptop bags for the contemporary man - sleek and stylish, practical yet minimal - and we’re confident you won’t find a bag quite like it anywhere else on the market.

Likewise, because we produce in small batches - a maximum of ten per batch -  the focus is always on quality, not quantity. A stand-out item needn’t be showy or loud. Again, it’s more about the quality, which will speak for itself. With Billy Tannery leather bags, it’s all about that attention to detail. From intricate stitching, to beautiful brass fittings, no two pieces will ever look the same. Our full-grain goatskin leather contains subtle markers that differ with each piece, a sign the bags haven’t been treated, and another way to ensure your leather bag stands apart from the crowd in the best possible way.

Billy Tannery Leather Ziptop Backpack

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