When you think of styling leather, you might think of pairing chunky heeled ankle boots with your favourite pair of denim jeans, or a classic leather tote bag with a chic outfit that can take you from office to evening outing. But styling leather isn’t confined to apparel. 

Leather is a versatile, durable textile that also works fantastically in the interior design arena. When used with purpose and creativity, it can help create unique yet luxurious spaces.

In this guide, we explore how to style a home with leather accessories, delving into everything from statement pieces to small yet effective details.

Statement furniture

Move beyond the conventional three-piece living room suite and opt for statement furniture pieces that showcase the versatility of leather. A leather accent chair like the wild leather lounge chair we created with Sebastian Cox can highlight leather’s wonderful natural and imperfect texture. Antique and mid-century pieces will offer aged leather with a beautiful patina and stand as pinnacles of furniture design. Unique furniture such as a leather-upholstered coffee table can add an element of surprise and elevate the overall aesthetic of the space.

Soft furnishings

Enhance the comfort and style of your living spaces with soft leather furnishings. Leather cushions and rugs bring intrigue and texture to a room and can offer contrast against other objects in the space. Dark or tan leather cushions, for instance, can add warmth to a neutral palette. A leather rug can inject ruggedness into more delicate themes. Even leather curtains can add a focal point while complementing other features.

Dining room details

Give your dining area some leather-based attention with luxury tableware. A permanently set table can add interest to the room and make it look incredibly inviting at any mealtime or special occasion. Leather placemats not only protect your table but also add a layer of sophistication. Our Billy Tannery deer leather table mats come in a warm Chestnut or rich Bark colour and look fantastic when placed against a crisp white tablecloth or patterned linen. Pair them with our matching handmade leather coasters to complete the look and give your glassware something stylish to sit on. Both of our sustainable tableware products are made with otherwise wasted leather that will last for decades, saving valuable animal hides from going to landfill.

Sophisticated storage

Upgrade your storage solutions with some great leather options. Leather trunks and ottomans provide not only extra storage space but also serve as visually appealing pieces. A leather magazine rack or coffee table tray can be a functional and eye-catching addition to your living space. Leather baskets can house blankets for cosy evenings or logs for the fireplace. You can even expand your use of leather storage options to other rooms in the home. A leather jewellery box, for instance, will keep your accessories organised and safe. A leather mail rack and desktop filing drawers will make keeping on top of paperwork easy while also making your office look sleek.

Hallway hangings

Create an inviting entrance with leather accessories in your hallway. Leather picture frames can display cherished memories but are also a great way to add different tones and shapes to any wall. A leather-upholstered bench will draw the eye and provide a comfortable spot to take off your shoes without taking up lots of space. A circular mirror hung with a leather strap will visually expand the space and reflect natural light while offering something different to more conventional rectangle styles. Coat hooks with leather details will make the area feel contemporary but still have a practical use too.

Bedroom features

Transform your bedroom into a stunning retreat with leather bedroom features. A leather headboard can add opulence and help centre the room. Just like with other headboards, you can choose different styles, shapes, and scale to match your décor. A deep buttoned, fluted, or woven leather headboard will be visually exciting. Choosing suede or nubuck will add an extra touch of luxury. Don’t overlook other bedroom staples though. Leather-trimmed bedside tables or lamps with contemporary leather shades can contribute to a cohesive yet original bedroom design.

The key lies in finding unique and stylish pieces that reflect your personal style but that incorporate themselves effortlessly into every corner of your home. So, go ahead, experiment with leather accessories to create a home that exudes style and charm.

For more styling tips, take a look at our advice on how to update your business style with a leather laptop bag or read our guide on how to set a luxury Christmas table. If you’re full of ideas and ready to change up your home décor, then why not shop our luxury tableware range?

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