The air is chilly but filled with the faint sounds of jingle bells. Scents of fresh gingerbread and frankincense swirl around. Twinkling lights add a warm glow to the evenings - Christmas is near! 

As we eagerly anticipate the big day, there's a delightful opportunity to elevate the celebrations by focusing on where people will gather, and fantastic fare will be served: the Christmas table. 

Setting your Christmas table doesn’t have to be a chore; it can be an artful endeavour that transforms your dining space into a canvas of holiday splendour. In this article, we unwrap the secrets on how to set a luxury Christmas table that exudes sophistication and charm.

Decide on a theme or colour scheme

Embrace personal expression by choosing a theme or colour scheme that resonates with your festive spirit. Whether it's the timeless allure of classic red and green, the wintry elegance of silver and blue, or an understated earthy palette, this will set the stage for a captivating Christmas table.

Choose a tablecloth and napkins

The tablecloth and napkins are crucial components of any luxury table setting. Yes, they have a practical purpose, but they also create aesthetic appeal by adding texture and dimension and help set the tone of the dining experience. Opt for fabrics that whisper elegance such as rich velvets, crisp linens, or intricate lace. Choose napkins that complement the tablecloth and ensure they are artfully folded or secured with chic napkin rings. For additional interest and symmetry, you can also add a table runner that matches the theme.

Pick the perfect placemats

Elevate your table setting with placemats that provide the perfect backdrop to your culinary masterpiece and act as the anchor for all the other components of each place setting. Placemats come in many different sizes, shapes, colours, and materials so you can choose a set that matches your décor perfectly. Leather placemats are ideal if your theme leans into the natural green and brown tones of winter flora while silver and gold table mats pair well with deep jewel tones.

Select delightful dinnerware

Dinnerware is an absolute necessity when setting a Christmas table but just because it’s essential, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Select fine china, porcelain or stoneware that harmonises with all your other luxury tableware and embrace the opportunity to mix and match patterns, textures, colours and styles if you want to.

Set out the cutlery

The gleam of polished silverware adds a touch of regality to any Christmas table; however, your cutlery doesn’t have to be silver. Other metallic tones such as gold and brass ooze opulence and wooden handled sets work well for rustic vibes. Set each place with precision, ensuring that forks, knives, and spoons are expertly placed and consider incorporating speciality utensils for each course, if required, to enhance the dining experience.

Arrange the glasses

Crystal-clear glassware glistening on the table like fresh snowfall adds elegance and height to the dining display. Select elegant stemware for water, wine, and champagne, and if serving multiple wines, opt for different glasses to enhance the tasting experience. You can’t go far wrong with classic glass styles but vessels with coloured stems, ribbed textures, added lustre or contemporary designs are also worth considering for extra flair. Don’t forget that with glasses, you’ll also need coasters. Stay away from card options and opt for handmade leather coasters, ceramic coasters or glass coasters instead.

Add decorative elements

Whether it's an artful arrangement of seasonal flowers, a collection of flickering candles, or a fusion of both, let your centrepiece shine. Sprinkle ornaments, pinecones, fresh foliage, or metallic accents around the table for a touch of magic. These decorative elements will transport your guests to a world where every detail is a celebration of the season.

Finishing flourishes

As you add the final touches to your luxury Christmas table, ensure every detail is a testament to your commitment to creating an outstanding occasion. Add personalised place card holders, double-check the alignment of each piece of your tableware set, light the candles and maybe even put a small gift atop each place setting. Play festive tunes in the background to enhance the ambience. In every aspect coming together lies the magic that turns a meal into a cherished memory, making your luxury Christmas table a true masterpiece of the season.

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