The creative art of leathercraft is the perfect way to give gifts this season.

The versatility of working with leather has been around for centuries. And whilst in today’s society we have huge access to quality leather goods, there’s something special about making your own. Many of us are returning to simple, traditional hobbies as a way of switching off from screens and finding ways to relax.

What’s amazing about leathercrafts is that there is an almost limitless expression of creativity. Tooling, stamping, colourful stitching are all ways to show uniqueness in the end result, being something you can proudly wear and use, or give as a gift. A one-of-a-kind gift that is as enjoyable to give, as it is to receive.

By using eco-friendly leather, you make the gift even better. Our Billy Tannery goat leather is sustainable, durable and beautiful. Our leather comes from the food industry, which prevents this material from going to landfill and being wasted. We strive to tread as lightly as possible, and use this material responsibly.

The leather that we sell is ideal for many quality crafts. We know, because it’s what we use to make our core range of products.

f you are looking for a hobby to enhance your own wellbeing, or for a way to flex your creativity muscles, we can think of no better way than to explore DIY leathercrafts. And with Christmas and the holiday season approaching, here are some of our top gift ideas to get you started.

Phone pouch

This is an ideal option for the beginner, or maybe as a gift itself. Choosing a craft kit ensures that all the cutting, measuring and gathering of materials has been done for you. This leather phone pouch kit makes a beautiful gift, providing the lucky recipient with the experience of making their own item, as well as a great finished product. Or, if you’re new to leathercraft DIY, this is a great place to start. Enjoy the process, and let it inspire you to go on and create even more with the skills you’ve learned.


A more challenging project that requires some stitching, but can be simplified or elaborated upon depending on what you need it to hold.

A leather wallet is a great place to experiment with some of the more creative elements of leathercraft, such as hand-tooling or stamping. These techniques can be used to stunning effect. You could stamp a monogram or personalised message, or hand tool a floral or geometric design. It allows you to create a wallet that suits the needs and reflects the personality of the recipient – however many loyalty cards you need it to hold! This is destined to be a much-used and admired gift.


A simple leather pouch is a catch-all term, but the applications are endless. Once you’ve mastered the shape and fastening of a pouch you can scale it up in size. From a coin purse to a wash bag, these work as gifts for anyone. As a gift, they quickly become essential - in a handbag they hold hair ties and lip balms. For travel they can serve as a cable tidy. Goat leather develops a beautiful patina with use, making it a gift that only improves with time.

Variations on the humble pouch allow for fancy details, such as button closures or whip-stitched edges. They can also be custom-made to fit a camping knife or hatchet. A perfect gift choice for the outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists in your life!


A simple yet useful gift. Using high quality leather, a handmade belt will elevate every outfit. As an entry into the world of leathercraft DIY, this is a simple project to start with. As you develop your skills, belts can become wearable art with tooling, stitching and embroidered detail. You can easily buy buckles online, or from hardware stores. Vintage buckles further enhance the uniqueness of your gift, as well as being a very eco-centred addition.

Leather bracelets

Leather bracelets make great gifts. From the simplest leather strands or braids, to creating an armful of bracelets for an effortlessly eclectic, yet curated look.

These make good gifts for men and women, as they can be endlessly customised and tailored to a rugged, outdoorsy vibe as well as a polished, sophisticated feel.

There are boundless options. Choose from colourful bohemian embroidery or delicate beads and beautiful clasps. Bold, woven cuffs with raw and unrefined edges create a Viking-like aesthetic, or multiple strands to create a bracelet stack. The best thing about these is as you hone your skills, you can make a few for yourself as well - it would be rude not to.

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