In the world of business, fostering strong relationships with clients is paramount. One way to express appreciation and strengthen these bonds is through thoughtful gifts. 

Opting for branded items adds a personal touch, reminding clients of your company's commitment to quality and attention to detail. When it comes to luxury client gifts, they elevate the gesture, conveying not just gratitude but also a sense of sophistication and occasion. 

Here, we've curated a list of 10 luxury branded gifts that seamlessly blend practicality with elegance and will ensure your clients feel valued.


A branded
leather journal isn't just a place for scribbling notes; it's a canvas for ideas and reflections. Our A5 goat leather notebook is perfect for busy clients, helping organise their thoughts and tasks and fostering productivity and creativity whether they are in the office or at a conference. Plus, with its refillable recycled pages, jotting down meeting minutes or sketching out plans never has to stop.


Don't let unexpected showers dampen your client's day; gift them a branded umbrella. More than just a shield from rain, it's a symbol of preparedness and reliability. Whether navigating bustling streets or dashing between meetings, this tried and tested luxury accessory will keep your client dry and composed. Ultimately, it's a practical yet stylish gift they'll appreciate during every downpour.

Power bank

In a world driven by technology, a branded power bank is a lifesaver for busy clients on the go. With this handy gift that’s small enough to take with them in their briefcase or bag, they’ll never have to worry about a low battery hindering productivity or communication.

Key wrap

Allow your client to say goodbye to fumbling through pockets by gifting them a branded
leather key wrap. More than a simple accessory, it's a practical solution for organising keys and keeping them secure. Be it keys for the office or their home, a key wrap adds a touch of sophistication to their everyday carry, ensuring keys are always easily accessible yet stylishly tucked away. Made from sustainably sourced, vegetable-tanned goat leather and with a minimalist yet refined design, it's a subtle yet impactful gift they'll use daily.


Set the mood and create a sense of relaxation with a branded candle for your client. It’s a little different to typical client gifts so it’s sure to be a nice surprise and offers a moment of tranquillity amidst busy schedules. The soothing fragrance and elegant design of a luxury candle will calm any space, turning ordinary moments into serene experiences.


Elevate your client's dining experience with branded
tableware. More than just practical items, they're symbols of refined taste and hospitality. Whether hosting a business brunch or enjoying a quiet meal at home, leather coasters and leather tablemats add a touch of elegance to any setting. Crafted from deer leather and boasting contemporary designs in a choice of rich colours, they are guaranteed to transform ordinary meals into extraordinary occasions

Fountain pen

Somewhat of a classic client gift, a branded fountain pen is a timeless symbol of sophistication and prestige. Beyond its practical function, it's a writing instrument that exudes elegance and refinement. Perfect for signing contracts or capturing important notes, it elevates every written word.

Stainless steel bottle

Businesses and individuals alike are actively looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and make more environmentally conscious choices. A branded stainless steel bottle can help your client in their efforts. But it’s more than just a container for water, it's a companion for a busy lifestyle. From the gym to the boardroom, with a stainless steel bottle, your clients can take it with them wherever they go and stay hydrated throughout the day.


Treat your client to the gift of immersive sound with branded headphones. Beyond mere audio accessories, they're portals to a world of entertainment and productivity that can help them block out distractions during work, stay motivated on morning jogs, or unwind with their favourite tunes after hours.


If seeking
luxury leather corporate gifts, a cardholder is a great choice. A sleek, unisex accessory for the modern professional, a cardholder keeps essential payment cards and the details of close business contacts within easy reach. Your client can keep it to hand in their jacket pocket or pop it into their bag with their other must-haves. And as it’s leather, this gift will stand the test of time and be robust enough for daily use.

Luxury branded gifts from Billy Tannery

If you want luxury client gifts that will really make an impact, accessories crafted from eco-conscious, premium goat or deer leather certainly fit the bill. At Billy Tannery, we can brand a variety of our most popular products with your business logo and even create totally bespoke products. Find out more about our bespoke leather goods.

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