Centuries ago, men’s leather aprons were the go-to accessory. Welders, cobblers, blacksmiths and woodworkers could all be seen sporting one to protect their clothing. And in recent years they’ve made a comeback.

Today, the classic leather apron is a sought after design. They are still worn by creative types, such as painters, as well as other professions including bartenders, butchers and barbers - almost every modern day man (and woman) has upgraded their protection wear to this luxury item.

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So what makes this premium garment so special?

As a premium leather goods maker, we are well and truly versed in the benefits of quality leather aprons here at Billy Tannery. As well as looking smart, full-grain leather is exceptionally functional and durable; two crucial elements for a lifetime of use.

Read on to discover how a men’s leather apron is the ultimate accessory.

Billy Tannery Premium Leather Apron - Lee Westcott Chef

A men’s leather apron guarantees ultimate protection

A real leather apron offers a sophisticated look. But there’s more substance to this garment than style. When made from high quality full-grain material, a leather apron is an important safety layer for the wearer, offering protection from heat, chemicals and sharp implements. That's why they are perfect for professions that involve working up close with fire, using hot liquids or operating dangerous machinery. Whether you're a baker, bladesmith or carpenter, leather aprons really do have you covered. 

Stains and marks 

Leather is a water resistant material that can prevent most substances from staining your clothing. Food, glue, paints and clay can all easily be wiped off, without the need to continuously wash your apron. 


Many craftsmen get close to heat in the workshop, whilst it’s pretty much guaranteed when working with food. Full-grain leather is a dense material that offers the highest level of protection from hot tools, embers or flames. The thickness of the leather helps to reduce the impact of burns whilst remaining lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Unlike cotton or linen alternatives, leather aprons also provide a safer surface for sparks which would otherwise damage the material. A great choice for metal workers and glassblowers. 

Sharp objects

A thick leather apron can also prevent injury from sharp objects including knives, drills, and carpenter tools. The protective layer stops immediate damage and also easily catches any loose cuttings or wood shavings.

When to wear a leather work apron

A leather work apron has multiple uses. Whether your a home cook, hobbyist or professional craftsmen, here are just a few ways to wear your quality apron:

In the kitchen: for cooks and BBQ

You may think a leather apron would be too thick to be near a stove. Well… you’d be wrong! Our goat leather chef apron was originally designed for Chef James Cochran and is now worn in top restaurants including SILO.

Due to its lightweight nature, goat leather makes the perfect chef and BBQ apron for men and women. The wipeable material means it doesn’t have to go in the washing machine after each use (saving energy and water) whilst a hip loop provides easy access to tea towels and cloths. 

Billy Tannery Premium Leather Apron

Serving drinks: a leather apron for bartenders

A spill-proof garment is a must for any server. Whether you’re a mixologist, cocktail waiter or pulling pints behind the bar - liquid resistant leather makes the best bartender apron. An easy-access chest pocket is also perfect for holding your pen, pad or bottle opener.

In the workshop: welding, woodwork and blacksmiths

Thick and durable, a leather work apron can take the heat - as well as a few scuffs and marks. Welding tools are no match for the density of premium, full-grain leather, also keeping you protected from the likes of saws, drills and chisels.

The benefit of vegetable-tanned goat leather is its striking grain that is unique to each piece. With use, your work apron will tell the tale of crafts created with a beautiful natural patina that develops over time.

In the salon: for barbers and stylists

A leather apron is a stylish yet practical option for hairdressers and barbers. The classic look of premium leather adds a luxury feel to an otherwise uninteresting uniform with front pockets for added usefulness.

Key to our men’s leather apron is the cross back design, which allows the garment to be adjusted to any size. You can even add your branding to the chest pocket for your very own custom barber apron.

The best men’s leather apron with pockets

Our best-selling leather apron was designed with cooking and crafts in mind. From the leather straps to the solid brass fittings, each feature has been carefully considered to create a product that stays with its wearer for years to come.

Available in black, brown and forest green, our premium apron is a celebration of our goat leather - tanned by hand here in the UK. Each is made from quality goatskins that would otherwise go to landfill - making a truly circular system that turns waste into worth.

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