Why do you only use goat leather?

After discovering that thousands of goathides were going to waste in the food industry, we partnered with Cabrito Goat Meat to find a sustainable solution. Now we turn this characterful material into premium, full-grain leather, completing the circle from waste to product. Goat leather is also a beautifully unique material with a pronounced grain that varies from piece to piece. This results in striking natural markings and a quality patina that develops over time.

How do you tan your goat leather?

All of our leather is tanned in our very own microtannery - the first of its kind in the UK. We use vegetable tanning techniques and bark extracts to ensure our tanning process is environmentally friendly and results in the highest quality leather. In order to keep the hair on our goatskin rugs in perfect condition, these goatskins are tanned separately in our wooden drums over a 3-4 week period.

Are your goatskin rugs durable?

Yes, our one of a kind, British leather rugs are extremely durable. Our natural tanning process means each piece is relatively firm and able to endure years of wear and tear, whether used as a rug, throw or display piece.