Goral use a 'true to size' last in the production process so men should be able to order your usual size. It's not an exact science though, so we recommend using the size guide below to make sure you get the fit that's best for you. This is particularly important for ladies as sizing as unisex sizing will be different to your standard size. 

Usually go for a half size or half wide feet? We strongly recommend sizing up.


When measuring your feet the length line runs through the middle of the foot from the centre of the heel to the centre of the toes, the width line then runs perpendicular to the length line along the widest part of the foot.

To measure your feet, place a sheet of paper on the ground against a wall, stand on it with your heel against the same wall, and mark with a pencil around your longest toe (not always your big toe). Make sure the pencil is vertical and wear the same socks that you intend to wear with your shoes. For best results ask someone else to do this while you stand still.