Low-Top Sneaker
Parkland High-Top Sneaker

Sneaker FAQs

What are the timings?

Pre-orders for this batch open on Wednesday 4th October and will close on Sunday 15th October. We aim to have them ready for dispatch by the beginning of December at the latest.

Are they just available in deer leather?

Given the number of notification requests for Chestnut and Forest goat leather, Low-Tops are also available in these classic options. The clue is in the name, but Parkland High-Tops are currently only available in deer leather. We are being careful with limited stock of goat leather in the run-up to Christmas.

Can I request any bespoke details or sizing?

This will already be a complex launch given the number of colourways on offer, so we are only offering gum soles. Each pair will come with a choice of two colours of laces. Unfortunately Goral do not offer half sizes of different widths. Their shoes perhaps come up a touch narrow, so if in any doubt size up.