In September 2019, we launched our second Sneaker collaboration with 5th generation shoemaker, Crown Northampton. Sneakers were available in our sustainably tanned British goat leather and made to order in Crown Northampton's factory just 25 miles from our tannery. Orders are now closed but please sign-up to our newsletter to make sure you are the first to hear when they are available again.

Ahead of 2019's launch, we hit the streets of London's Seven Dials with hugely talented photographer and regular Crown Northampton collaborator Alex Natt to capture the new styles and leather options. For the first time in 2019 we added Crown's high top version of their Overstone Derby sneaker to the collaboration. Somewhere between a sneaker and a boot, this style is perfect for winter conditions and feels properly robust. This year, we also debuted our vegetable tanned goat suede in a natural, almost pastel, chestnut shade as well as Forest green, which is fast becoming our most popular colourway.

Billy Crown Suede Sneaker

We started the morning scouting out locations on the many cobbled streets in the area. On the lookout for striking backgrounds and ideal light conditions, we found some great spots to shoot still life while dodging puzzled passers-by. Billy Tannery founders Jack and Rory stepped up to model the sneakers, with Jack's wife Stephanie also on hand (or foot?) to show their truly unisex nature. 

Billy Tannery Crown Northampton Chestnut

Billy Tannery Crown Northampton Suede

Sneakers are one of the few genuinely unisex footwear options and with made to order we are able to offer half sizes from 3 all the way up to 13 without any waste. A premium sneaker is already one of the most flexible shoe styles - happily paired with pretty much any outfit - but you also have the chance to tailor one step further with a wide choice of leathers and sole colours.

Something that we never seem to stress enough is that Crown Northampton also offer a resoling service. So rather than banishing them to the back of a cupboard once you've worn the sole down, simply send them back to Crown for a new sole and a refurbishment for only £65. You can even choose to change the sole colour, giving your sneakers a totally new lease of life.

Billy Tannery Crown Northampton Navy

Billy Tannery Crown Northampton Suede Forest


Billy Tannery Crown Northampton Chestnut

Billy Tannery Crown Northampton Forest

Our sneaker collaboration with Crown Northampton is fast becoming an annual event and we're eagerly looking forward to the next instalment which is currently slated for Winter 2020. There's nothing better than being able to partner with a like-minded local brand and what can be more complementary than a shoemaker and a tannery? Long may it continue!

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Photography by: Alex Natt

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