We recently teamed up with our friends at Department Two for a tour of Bermondsey, once home to London's thriving leather industry. Back in 1792, a third of all leather in the UK came from Bermondsey, but today the leather companies have sadly long since departed. Despite this clues of the area’s illustrious past are everywhere, if you know where to look. We spent a day exploring the streets and testing out our full range of British goat leather goods. See the results in our series of photo diaries. 

Part 2: The Cardholder

Billy Tannery Cardholder Navy

With a full schedule of sights to see in Bermondsey, it was inevitable that the day would be bookended with liquid refreshments - coffee to get us going in the morning and a well-earned pint at the close. We began bright and early at renowned coffee (and cocktail) shop Chapter 72, for pastries and a caffeine boost.

Billy Tannery Cardholder Navy

Gone are the days of bulky wallets stuffed with coins, receipts and every loyalty card you've ever been given - you simply don't need to carry all of that around with you. So with minimalism in mind, we designed our Cardholder to be a dependable friend - practical and reliable but otherwise keeping a low profile. Also, hidden between the layers of leather in the centre compartment is a special foil that makes travelling on the tube much more seamless by stopping card clash.

Billy Tannery Cardholder Natural

On the reverse of each Cardholder, the words Entirely British Made are a nod to the product's unique provenance. If we are being totally accurate it should read 'Entirely Midlands Made', as our small leather goods are made by a skilled team just 20 miles up the road from our tannery.

Billy Tannery Cardholder Chestnut

After a day on our feet, the team were definitely ready for a drink, so we stopped off for a final few photos and a pint in The Garrison. In our opinion Bermondsey Street's finest pub, it is also one that was happy for us to commandeer a corner to take some photos.

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