At Billy Tannery, we’re all about eliminating waste. So when we realised that the wooden drums in our micro-tannery are only being used for part of the week, we knew we had to act.


Innovative craft beers brewed in the same tanning drums that we use to produce our pioneering British goat leather. Our first release is a bark-flavoured pale ale, Trunk IPA. A future classic, this woody pale ale is super-charged with actual flavours from our tanning drums. Move over sommeliers, this beer delivers a punch in the face of tannin-rich flavours and genuine leather aromas.

And coming soon, our low-alcohol goat's cheese infused lager, Nanny Estate.

Billy Tannery Brewgoat Trunk IPA - Brewdog April Fools


Joking aside - and to be really clear BrewDog lawyers this is an April Fool - while we're not brewing potentially poisonous beer at Billy Tannery, we are genuinely working on ways to use brewery waste to make our leather even more sustainable.

Our feasibility studies have shown that it’s possible to extract tannins from the mash waste leftover from the brewing process and these tannins can then be used at our leather tannery. This is all part of our goal to reduce our inputs, reuse waste products and create an even more sustainable, circular leather. To take this one step further we can then turn this leather into products that will last a lifetime. Maybe even brewery merchandise that will last longer than a soggy beer mat?

Billy Tannery Sustainable Leather

So we’re on the lookout for a brewery to partner with to make this project happen. As part of their latest funding round, BrewDog
announced plans for a "Tomorrow Fund" to invest in research to improve the brewing industry’s impact on the world so we thought finding new and innovative ways to use brewery waste could fit into this nicely.

If you’re already a BrewDog shareholder or know someone who works for them please do give them a nudge. Alternatively if you work for another brewery and don't want BrewDog to have all the fun, then we'd also love to chat. The best way to make this project happen is to make some noise, so please do share using the links below. Cheers!

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