Usher and best man gifts should be unusual pieces that are treasured forever, rather than ordinary items that will inevitably be pushed to the back of a drawer.

And not only do you want a gift for your groomsmen and best man that’s as unique as your wedding - you also want one that shows your appreciation and feels personal.

Being an usher or best man is a big responsibility. They help to welcome guests and keep the day running smoothly, and will most likely play an important part in arranging an unforgettable stag celebration, too. The best man has even more responsibility, as a lot rides upon their speech.

At Billy Tannery, we have a carefully selected and handcrafted range of leather pieces that would make ideal and worthy gifts for groomsmen, and that will be mainstays in your friends’ accessories collections for years to come.

Keep reading for groomsmen gift inspiration from us, and from a couple of our favourite fellow independent UK brands.

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The perfect “Will you be my best man?” gift

Asking someone to be your best man is no small request.

While it’s exciting and flattering for the friend you choose, it also means they take on significant pressure. Namely, the expectation to write and deliver a speech that will entertain, amuse and hit the right chord with your guests.

Therefore, a special best man gift that is heartfelt and will express your thanks is your priority. We believe our leather cardholder ticks these boxes, and then some.

Billy Tannery Groomsmen Gift Leather Wallet

It’s a smart minimalist leather wallet that will last a lifetime. Handmade in the UK using
premium vegetable tanned goat leather, this suave accessory will never peel or look worse for wear - in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

As well as never peeling, our full grain leather develops a characterful patina over time. The cardholder will become a truly unique accessory and get better and better with age.

Your best man will be someone that means a great deal to you, a person you want to always be in your life. Therefore a best man gift that is made to last, such as our leather cardholder, is a great choice.

Groomsmen gifts for food & drink lovers

An edible groomsmen gift is another excellent option - who doesn’t love to be treated to premium food and drink?

While this isn’t a groomsmen gift option that will last years (more like days - if you’re lucky!), it will put a smile on the face of any groomsman who considers themselves a foodie.

The Perfectly Paired Bundles by The Deli Society make it easy to gift your groomsmen with a tempting selection of quality food and drink that will be a cut above their usual food shop. It’s the perfect foodie gift box to enjoy the night before the big day, or when winding down the day after.

Or if your groomsmen think themselves as mixologists, treat them to a bottle of something extra special, such as Beeble Honey Whisky.

This unique tipple is made from quality Scotch that’s carefully infused with Wiltshire honey.  Equally delicious enjoyed within a reviving hot toddy, or a summery cocktail.

If you’d prefer to get them a lasting memento, you could always gift them something that will help them enjoy their drink that little bit more. Handmade leather coasters are a highly practical, yet incredibly stylish gift that will remind them of the important part they played in your special day every time they set a drink down for years to come.

The most universal wedding usher gift

There are some gifts that will always hit the nail on the head, and these are ideal if you have a number of groomsmen to buy for, but still want a present that is sincere and special.

The ultimate example of a universal usher gift is the Billy Tannery goat leather key wrap. This handcrafted key organiser will always be a useful and stylish accessory, making it a truly timeless gift.

Billy Tannery Leather Key Wrap - Wedding Gifts

Far superior to a usual keyring, our key pouch stops your keys from jangling in your pocket or bag, protects your tech and looks super smart while doing so. It’s sure to attract comments from admiring friends and will never go out of style.

And with six neutral colours to choose from, you can tailor each leather key wrap to each of your ushers.

It’s a simple UK groomsmen gift option that is sure to make a big impact.

Original groomsmen and best man presents

Your wedding is one of the most significant days of your life, and your ushers and best man will be people who mean a great deal to you. Therefore, only the best gifts will do.

We hope we’ve provided you with some inspiration on finding the most original gifts for your groomsmen. Check out our full range of luxury leather gifts for more unique ideas.

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