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Learn the ancient art of leathercraft with full grain goat leather

Leathercraft is ancient. Humans have been taking advantage of leather's versatility for thousands of years, using it for clothes, tools, shelters and more.

Although today we have the luxury of being able to buy quality leather items online, many of us are looking for tactile hobbies to get us away from screens and help us to relax.

Learning leathercraft with our full grain vegetable tanned goat leather is ideal, and it can be as simple or as complex as you like.

Our sustainable and durable goat leather is the perfect choice for your leather crafts, whether you’re buying skins for your own projects, or looking for a leather craft kit for adults as an introduction to the technique.

What’s the best leather for crafting?

Not all leather is the same. Goat, cow and sheep leather all have different properties, and the tanning method used is also key.

At Billy Tannery, we have our own microtannery where we tan full grain British goat leather using 100% natural methods. This lengthy yet rewarding process gives our quality leather several benefits.

For example, vegetable tanning gives leather a lovely aroma that lasts, and a characteristic patina that will change and develop over time. We celebrate the unique nature of animal hide with our leather, rather than striving for uniformity.

This lends itself to leather crafts, where an item’s individuality is what makes it truly special and personal to the maker. Read our guide to goat leather for more info.

The advantages of using full grain goat leather for craft projects

Full grain goat leather is also a great choice for leather craft on a practical level.

It’s soft and supple yet incredibly durable. Working with our leather is a pleasant experience, and you can rest assured that your leather creations will also stand the test of time, seeing as goat leather is stronger than cow and sheep hide.

And amazingly, goat leather is actually lighter weight than other leathers, despite being stronger.

The benefits of vegetable tanned full grain goat leather are unparalleled when looking for an aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic and dependable leather for your craft projects.

Read more about the benefits of vegetable tanned leather.

Craft ideas to make with leather

Billy Tannery Leathercraft Kit

As we touched upon in the intro, the versatility and durability of leather has been known since ancient times.

For example, the St Cuthbert Gospel is a thousand year old bible bound with goat leather - clearly demonstrating its robust nature! The Romans were also big fans of using leather for their gladiator sandals and armour.

Back to the modern day, and leathercraft still has countless advantages.

In a digitally dominated world where many of us spend hours in front of a screen, taking some time out each week to take things back to basics and work with your hands can be great for your wellbeing. And it’s so rewarding to have a finished piece at the end of your project.

The best DIY leather craft ideas include:

  • Simple coasters and placemats
  • Keyrings
  • Decorative tassels
  • Cable tidies
  • Pen or make-up pouches
  • Bookmarks
  • Wallets and purses
  • Journal covers
  • A camera strap
  • Rucksacks
  • And endless accessories!

Our goatskin leather is used by leather craftspeople for countless designs, and is available in five classic colours.

But if you're a complete novice and not sure where to begin, our leather craft kit for adults is an excellent option.

Leather craft kits for adults 

Billy Tannery Make At Home Pouch Kit

leather craft kit contains everything you need to create a unique and functional phone pouch that will protect your phone while on the move, and do so in understated style.

No experience is necessary as the kit is designed to be very user friendly. You’ll receive detailed instructions, laser cut goat leather panels with stitch holes, leather cord for an adjustable strap, a needle, thread in matching colour, beeswax for the thread, and a choice of black leather, green leather or navy leather.

Our leather phone pouch kit is a fantastic introduction to the skill, and will whet your appetite for future projects. It also makes a great gift for anyone interested in leathercraft.

Goat leather for leather craft projects 

Full grain goat leather makes the ideal material for leather craft projects from both an aesthetic and practical point of view. Its many properties are unparalleled.

Whether you start off with a goat leather craft kit, or are looking to buy goat skin for your own leather craft ideas, you are guaranteed to reap the benefits of vegetable tanned goat leather when you choose it for your leather craft designs.

Buy goatskin leather for your craft projects from Billy Tannery.

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