At Billy Tannery, we've always been committed to reducing waste and promoting responsible leather practices. Our latest launch is no exception. We're excited to introduce our new Parkland High-Top Sneakers made from our groundbreaking British deer leather.


It all started when we discovered that the UK deer population is at its largest now than at any time since the last Ice Age. There is some amazing work going on to get more venison, a low-impact, lean and healthy meat, onto our plates but due to the lack of tanneries left in the UK we knew that a lot of deerskins must be going to waste. 

This led us on a journey of discovery, meeting the people putting in the hard yards to make venison more widely available. One such business is Deerbox, an award-winning supplier of wild venison based in Wiltshire. We worked closely with owner Ben Heath to take a waste issue that was costing him money and turn it into something beautiful and sustainable. 

Deerbox Wild Venison - Ben Heath


Our new Parkland High-Top sneakers are made in England from uniquely sustainable British deer leather. They are available in three leather options, including the debut of an all-new Wild Fallow Nubuck. This groundbreaking leather sourced exclusively from Deerbox, is not only sustainable but also incredibly unique. Each shoe made from this leather will carry the marks and scars of life in the wild. No two pairs will be exactly alike, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

To put the shoes through their paces we headed back to the Peak District with local friend of the brand, Jonathan Swanston and our creative partners Department Two. To where, just a stone's throw from the Goral factory in Sheffield, lies some of the UK's most breathtaking scenery. This rugged landscape is the perfect partner for deer leather sourced from a similar environment.

Peak District Rock Textures


But it's not just about the leather. The sneakers themselves are made-to-order in Sheffield, UK by our longstanding partners Goral & Sons to an incredibly high standard. We're thrilled to be continuing our partnership with Goral on this project. Their generations of expertise and dedication to quality have led to some exceptional products made from our leather. Our original goat Leather Sneakers, our Parkland Sneaker and now the Parkland High-Top. The perfect celebration of our goat and deer leathers that, thanks to Goral's REBUILD+ resoling service, will last for many decades to come. 

The Parkland High-Top sneaker is priced at £285 and will be available to pre-order starting from 5pm on Thursday 27th April. They will then be made-to-order for delivery in mid-June.

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