Our kid leather is made exclusively with skins that are a by-product of the British goat meat industry, in particular from one business with an amazing story that also started with waste. Former chef, James Whetlor, was inspired to start his pioneering business, Cabrito, after discovering that the majority of billy goats born in the British dairy industry were being killed at birth. To tackle this terrible waste, James used his passion for food to persuade Brits to eat more goat meat and therefore incentivise farmers to rear the the billies instead.


Fully traceable leather.

Thanks to James' tireless work, Cabrito now supplies high quality, high-welfare goat meat to restaurants, butchers and online. However, this success unearthed a new question of what to do with the leftover goatskins, but after a fortunate Twitter conversation between us and James three years ago a unique partnership was born. Somewhere along the way many of us have forgotten the connection between meat and leather, but we believe this is something to be celebrated. Through our close relationship with Cabrito, we are able to trace each piece of Billy leather back to the farm.