Monocle Magazine, Issue 108

"Launched this spring by budding entrepreneurs Jack Millington and Rory Harker, this small-batch tannery turns out goat-leather goodies, including this sturdy backpack. The vegetable-tanned treats are made in a tannery near Northampton in stubborn defiance of the decline of the UK leather industry and a surfeit of goat hides. Who ever said we're not down with the kids?"

BBC Countryfile, Northants

"For centuries Northampton had a thriving leather industry, turning out some of the country’s finest shoes and boots, but those days are gone … or are they? John meets Jack Millington, the son of a goat farmer who’s built a micro tannery right on his dad’s farm and is producing kid leather from goats. John throws on his gloves and meets Paul Evans who has spent most of his working life in the Leather industry and is keen to pass on his knowledge to keep the future of the craft alive in the county."

The Holborn, May 2017

"Micro-breweries, micro-distilleries and even micro-mills have sprung up across the land in sheds, spare-rooms, railway arches, ex-public toilets and basically any cheap patch of land intrepid individuals can get their hands on. Going small is getting big! We have long admired those who step back, scale down and focus on making something truly exceptional." Continued here.

Olive Magazine, May 2017

"You've got to be kidding. Young entrepreneurs Jack Millington and Rory Harker have come up with a unique way to reduce waste from the growing goat meat market. Billy Tannery is using the leftover hides from ethical goat meat supplier Cabrito to produce premium vegetable-tanned kid leather, in a range of luxury bags and accessories all handmade using traditional methods in Britain."

Pebble Mag, May 2017

"Bringing tanning back to the Midlands are childhood friends Jack Millington and Rory Harker who have opened Billy Tannery, a micro-tannery specialising in goat leather. The pair decided to tackle the issue of waste in leather after connecting with award-winning goat farmer James Whetlor, who runs Cabrito Goat Meat. They were instantly persuaded that their tannery should be used to #promotethegoat." Continued here.


Well Dressed Dad, May 2017

"Now this may be a transition that doesn’t sit well with everybody, but it makes sense: What if we used more of what the goat has to offer us? What if we could use more goaty bits and allow more kids to grow up, would that be a better deal for the goat? I know on a personal level I feel awful about the kid vs goat cheese trade-off. There is a little change on the way though, in the form of a new Kickstarter initiative. We’ve seen all sorts of artisanal, crafty goings on in recent years. Beer, coffee, leathercraft and so forth." Continued here.

The Telegraph Magazine, May 2017

"Heaven for Leather. Cottage industries are on the rise in the UK, and Billy Tannery is the first 'micro-tannery' to the market. The brainchild of Rory Harker and Jack Millington, it is thought to be the first British leather [tanning] institution to be built in more than a century. Celebrating English design and manufacturing, the Northamptonshire tannery produces sustainable goat leather (a byproduct of the food industry), which is then sent to Somerset to be made into wallets, bags, briefcases and notebooks."


Foodism Magazine, September 2017

"Luxury brand Billy Tannery agrees. Using kid goat leather that would previously have been thrown away, it creates butter-soft, vegetable-tanned goods including stamped card holders, chic journals, a tote (called the Gote, obvs) and a rolltop backpack. Even better, the hides come from Cabrito, a company already helping to battle wastage by creating a market for meat from the males (billies) born to dairy goats, which would otherwise be killed at birth." Continued here.

Grey Fox Blog, May 2017

"In the week of Meet the Manufacturer, that celebration of British manufacture, it's good to bring news of the launch of Billy Tannery on Kickstarter (links below). Another new enterprise from Britain's exciting new wave of young entrepreneurs, Billy Tannery is, as its name suggests, a brand which makes products from kid goat leather tanned in their small-batch tannery or ‘microtannery’." Continued here.


Countryside Magazine, May 2018

"Tanning For Gold. James Rudman discovers how a young duo are hoping their micro-tannery business will provide a boost to the UK leather industry" Read the full article here.

The Observer Magazine, June 2017

"Hide and seek. Billy Tannery is the first goat-leather brand of its kind in Britain. It can trace every step of the supply chain from animal to great bag or wallet. We approve."



Gardens Illustrated, May 2018

See the piece here.