We found out that every year thousands of British goat hides were going to waste, either being exported for tanning abroad or even destroyed.

For centuries Britain, and manufacturing towns like our nearby Northampton, had a thriving leather industry, but sadly today only a handful of tanneries remain. After searching and searching we were unable to find a British tannery willing or able to tan goat hides, so eventually we decided that there was only one option to build our own and create truly sustainable leather from the waste.


The British leather industry has been in steady decline for decades, but we think it's time for a change. In 1974, just 25 miles from us in the Northamptonshire village of Litchborough, a local man built a small brewery that was arguably the birth of the global microbrewery movement. In a similar vein, our tannery may be small but our ambitions are huge.